Tuesday, February 10, 2009

well,welcome to my life.

"to be hurt,
to feel lost,
to be left out in the dark,
to be kicked,
when you're down,
to be like you've been pushed around,
to be on the edge of breaking down,
and no one understands you,
no you don't know what it's like,
what it's like..
welcome to my life!"

well,the reffrain of "welcome to my life" above really fits me. a lot.

maybe you'll think that i'm a pessimistic person. but, you know, the old scar will never go,it lives right along our life.

yeah,that scar,is the cause of all damage in my life.

blame her!


indaho said...

yeaaaah simple plan hahaha

Ha!ppy said...

have you feel better yet cer?

ditaaaaa said...

ndah: haha iya tuh ndah,jadul yak.
ceng: yeay my b. hehe

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