Monday, February 23, 2009

read this, my H.

Dear Hunny..

I'm sorry if I always bother you with those calls, messages, my terrible 'Jengkellin' voice, and many others. I'm sorry if I always be a spoiled girl. I'm sorry..

But, do you know? I have tried to understand you. Understand that you're busy now. You're welcoming those tests; SIMAK UI, UAN, UAS, and SNMPTN. You want to be serious to face them. And you want me to not to send you messages for seven days before SIMAK. and guess what happen?

The provider was error! I had sent him messages but none of them come up in his cellphone. And so does he. I think it was like a sign from Allah, that, yea, you have to be serious and i'm not allowed to keep in touch with you as often as usual.

but I..

I can't stand that I really really miss you.. I really miss your voice, I really miss your smile, I really miss your face. Meeting you is very difficult now.. You're too busy to catch.

finally, I realized that what you do now, is really for the future. Yours, mine, and ours. I have to admit that.

Yea, I have to be patient. Because I love you. I swear.




clarita said...

hhmm , , ciee cieeee haha
lah cowo lo kls brp sih ? 3 ?

Happy said...

Sabar itu kaya makan kangkung pake donat; ga enak
tapi dia punya banyak gizi, yg mungkin bisa bikin lo sakit perut atau malah tambah sehat.
If you keep in your mind you'll end up to be just fine, then it will be.
It must be though times but maju terus pantang mundur.

gue laper

abee rektivianto said...

ditooong lost contact gak gitu juga looh. a midnight call just to support him or a morning SMS is good enough :---) hihihi, kehilangan itu paling ga asyhik men. entar dia pusing sendiri loh.

ah hafiz gak seru nih mau menghindar, ke sumur aje lo fiz! ngeng

*hap, gue juga laper

jopi said...

emang tong punya pacar kelas 3 ga enak. i felt it once

ditaaaaa said...

clar: iya kelas 3 -,-
ceng: yeaa i will. wish me luck ^^
abee: menghindar apaan maksudnya?
jopi: aih jo. begitu ya rasanya ternyata

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