Monday, March 9, 2009

D.I.M. (Do It Myself) Thing

hey! yesterday I went to MM. I brought home a keychain, a cute one.

At first, I want to use it as a phone chain, but I could'nt found the little rope to hook the keychain.

while I was looking for the rope, I found an unused necklace rope.

and with a little try, voila!

yea, the pendant is a mini rubiks cube! how cute it is! I've been searching for a rubiks for a long time, and now I get it in a mini size, and it can also be rotated! waaaa!

comment please :D


abee rektivianto said...

kalo mau rubiks beli aja di jodi kelas gue dit, dia jualan katanya wohooo lucu amaaat

indaho said...

lucu dit. multifungsi pula haha

Ha!ppy said...

wahahaha bisa ngerubiks kapan aja bahkan ketika rubiks udah out of date, tinggal bilang;
cuma aksesoris kok

ditaaaaa said...

abbey:haha iya tengkyu absayang ;p
ndah:iya juga ya ndah,sambil dipake dimainin hehe
ceng:hehe iya ceng mantap kan hihi

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